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Thomas Zeller
Thomas Zeller
Partner & CEO

A year ago, we had a very short lists of potential leads. Our potential is at least 100x bigger.
In the meanwhile, we have grown from 15 resellers to 23 resellers. Half of them have work on new opportunities and every reseller closes 1-2 new business projects per month.

If you do this yourself, you would need 3 headcounts. You need to buy lists, you need to hire, you need to train, you need marketing resources, copywriting and so forth. Without ComX, it would not have been possible.

ComX helped us to navigate through corona with our message.
We could immediately change our message based on the insights received in the dashboard.

We are always guided through the whole process at any step.
The biggest help is the amount of potential leads that steadily coming in. There are no ups or downs. It’s predictable and we can forward to our partners.

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more leads in less than 6 months
revenue increase during corona
extra headcount
fully remote