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Marta Kotwis
Marta Kotwis
Head of Sales Operations

We knew that traditional demand generation programs can work well in the broader B2B market, but we needed something that allowed us to target specific segments of the market, and more importantly, specific job roles within that target segment. At the same time, we wanted a program that could be outsourced, largely automated, and managed by a single member of the team.
ComX worked with us to build our target audience, and refine the message we took to the audience; their research and experience meant that they understood how to create compelling content for the email program, yet still create a highly personalised message for us. Their systems allowed us to scale, automate and very easily manage the program. We had a complete view of the prospects coming into the system and the leads created. Within weeks of the program launch, we were creating leads at a rate of 5%, and quickly turned several of these into opportunities.

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