👋 Hi, we are Chris, Pete, and Philipp  – the co-founders of ComX.io.

We deeply believe that every Sale should be predictable. That’s why we founded ComX.
Our journey starts around 2010: Philipp started at Google at their European headquarters in Dublin. His task: Get B2B Tech Companies to implement Google's products and improve the operations of Google’s sales team. Pete was with at Accenture and Chris with General Electric.
We are not meant for corporates: The three met each other during their Masters in Copenhagen and Cape Town. All of them knew that working for corporates was not their destiny, but rather helping as many entrepreneurs and small and medium business owners as possible.
There is something in B2B sales: They were frustrated about the low degree of efficiency in Europe's B2B sales departments. They realised that a lack of customer understanding and poor processes and tools create unnecessary friction and cost for millions of people working in B2B sales. They got fed up with the existing landscape of tools, and therefore they started building their own frameworks and software to solve B2B sales once and for all.
First value prop and customers: The first iterations of the project showed insane results and friends were asking if they implement ComX for themselves. After too many requests, they decided to found ComX as a bootstrapped business fully remote working from Berlin, Copenhagen and Cape Town.
First employees and moving to Berlin: ComX’s B2B sales enablement package got traction in the German market. So Berlin would be the right place to build the next category-defining platform for B2B Sales enablement. Pete was responsible for product staying in South Africa, Chris took over Customer Success, and Phil build sales and marketing.
Ramping up and building the platform: After proof of market, we became our best case study: capturing an ARR of 3.5 million in New Business completely remote from a rooftop apartment in Berlin-Mitte with a hand full of people. The question was - could we scale as a bootstrapped business?
Scale: We took the bet and started hiring. First product, then marketing, then scaling the sales and customer success teams. ComX found great partners along the way, helped thousands of people and Chris, Phil and Pete build the business of our dreams by building departments and successful and self-sustaining teams in Cape Town and Berlin.
Moving beyond 100 people: The founders understood that growth also means responsibility & bringing in advisors. The best journeys are the ones you take with a great team. They decided to team up with the best of the best in Private equity to prepare ComX for the International Stage. In August 2022 Flex Capital was onboarded as shareholder to ComX to support in strengthening the organisation, creating more technological innovation and becoming the next category leader for B2B Sales enablement.

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