Why do most CRM systems fail to deliver value for B2B companies?

A whole generation of companies was led to believe that CRMs solve all sales problems. The truth is that they don't. Unless you make them work....

How ComX works

The ComX platform - the world's only end-to-end sales enablement:

Making existing data accessible and usable

To understand buyers, you need to know their problems. This information already exists in your business, but is hidden in endless data points in your CRM or in the minds of your teams.

With ComX's CRM integration and our feedback collection system, you'll assess in no time:

  • why customers buy or reject

  • which areas of your market are most relevant to you

  • who you need to address with which message

Speak the language of your market

What grabs the attention of your target customers can be tricky: The external environment is constantly changing, as are the channels on which your customers spend time.

Based on 100,000 data points, the ComX platform creates the copy, landing pages, sales scripts and sales training that will generate leads for your team and increase conversion - guaranteed.

Perception analytics in real-time

Understanding market sentiment determines the success or failure of your B2B sales and marketing efforts. The ComX platform analyses your customer interaction and gives your sales team the feedback they need:

  • increase the conversion rate

  • reduction of sales costs

  • selection of the best employees

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