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Check out what our team members have to say about working at ComX

For me, ComX means being able to live out all my curiosity when it comes to the place where I work, what I do, the people I work with.
Customer Success Manager
Leadership - at ComX we have extremely inspiring, cool role models and leaders in all our teams.
Team Lead Sales
ComX is special because different people come together, with a good heart and a really good drive.
Growth Consultant
We all work remotely and still bring a team feeling with us - it's as if we've always known each other.
Customer Success Manager
For me, ComX means being able to celebrate all the different experiences and successes together.
Customer Success Manager
A lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility in one place.
Head of Sales
Everyone who works here has the same mindset. And that's always impressive.
Customer Success Manager
The team and the atmosphere within the team despite the fact that we work remotely and rarely see each other. I'm experiencing this for the first time, like with ComX.
Growth Consultant
High-paced, extremely high pressure, but also extreme potential for further development and outstanding achievement.
Head of Operations

Life at ComX - Meet the team

New Face at ComX.io - was Katrin am meisten hilft

Katrin ist seit 3 Wochen bei ComX.Wie es ihr bisher ergangen ist und was ihre weiteren Pläne bei ComX sind, erzählt sie im Video.

New Face at ComX.io - wie Diana in 3 Wochen von 0 auf 9 Meetings gegangen ist

Seit 6 Wochen ist Diana bei ComX. Das Ramping hat ihr geholfen, schnell Fuß zu fassen und innerhalb kürzester Zeit einen vollen Meeting-Kalender zu bekommen. Kurz nach dem Shooting des Videos hat Diana ihren ersten Deal geschlossen. Was nun ihre Pläne bei ComX sind, erzählt sie im Video.