How to grow your high ticket B2B business to 7-figure annual revenues while staying fully profitable.

Without hiring sales people, doing cold calling or running any ads on Google or Facebook...

Solve the meeting issue and jack calendars

Any B2B business with explanatory products is dependent on its capability to book sales meetings. We help you to create a predictable meeting pipeline by using language processing to find your own message-market fit.

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We guarantee engagement rates between 15-30% during the first couple of weeks of switching to your newly designed unique message. Once you find that message, prospects will line up to speak with you. No cold calling necessary anymore.
We use a scientific process that involves language processing, evolutionary psychology, as well as the best practices of Silicon Valley B2B marketing techniques, from player such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce & many more, to get waterproof results within days.

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Predict the closing cycle of your opportunities within minutes

Once we have determined the correct message, its time to get to work. Your sales team will book meetings and use ComX technology to determine the priority, as well as the probability, of each prospect closing.

Misinterpreting interest for true demand is the path to long sales cycles and burning cash.

Our customer success team supports you in creating a qualification engine using ComX technology and our review process. It will allow you to determine from call number one if there is a fit between you and your prospects.

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Shorten your high ticket deal cycles to 14 days and less

In order to accelerate profitable growth, your customer lifetime value and your customer acquisition cost need to be aligned (LTV 3x than CAC). To depict these mechanisms predictably, sales teams need the right offer at the right price, closing with the right amount of time investment.

We help you to create the right B2B offer that is able to close during the first call or demo.

ComX predictive analytics and our team of seasoned growth consultants will filter your markets true demand, budget availability and closing mechanisms, following a proven model used by top-notch entrepreneurs from the fastest growing companies worldwide.

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It will start raining deals and you can start installing your sales team

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400 clients and counting...

15 relevant meetings within first 3 weeks

"Get ready for the storm!" - Jan tells us about his b2b sales journey with ComX and how it worked for ACTUM Digital.

Jan Havel
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

How to close a large retail chain in 2 weeks

In week one: The positive responses started coming through. In week two we had the business assessment meeting - the following week we closed the deal.

Andrew Aitken
Partner & CEO

From direct marketing to break throughs within weeks and 1000s of new business revenue generated using message-market fit and automation...

Marta Kotwis
Head of Sales Operations

We could reduce the sales cost to a third of what it would take to get the same results - the motivation of our employees has increased.

Marc Zander
Partner & CEO

Within 4 months with ComX, we reached 20 new business projects, 7 figures in closable pipeline and 3 full capacity sales reps!

Manfred Felsberg
Procura & SVP Sales