How to close large retail chains in 2 weeks

Management Consulting
Andrew Aitken
Andrew Aitken
Partner & CEO

"In week one: The positive responses started coming through. In week two we had the business assessment meeting - the following week we closed the deal.
To get a cold lead and close it in two weeks was phenomenal for us.
We were blown away by the number of positive responses.
Even the people who were negative took time to write meaningful and sincere responses explaining why our offering wasn't a fit. We were clear that we wanted to grow the business. The rate in which we would get leads through referrals was simply not fast enough. We were looking for new ways for driving enquiries. You can not grow a business without having clarity over your salesfunnel. Now that we have so much more throughput we can start analysing out whole sales process. It was really ComX expertise that made us buy their solution. We could either carry on hacking things around ourselves or just go with the professionals. The big thing about the onboarding was identifying the Ideas Customer Profile. I absolutle loved the framework we used to get to it.
it was a lot of work but incredibly useful and transformational.
Knowing that the ComX team would build the message and I didnt have to think about what the mssage would look like, was a huge relief for me.
When the message appeared it was almost on point, just a few tweaks and we were ready.
We had 21% positive reponse rate in our first campaign - just incredible. Now everything is templated. From the first response to the sales process and our new Coach is running with that. The traction calls that happen twice a week are incredibly useful for me. But what I am also seing is that our new coach can use the calls too. This is a huge relief for me. That double or trippled up my capacity. I have recommended ComX to a number of businesses already."

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A Large Retail chain closed
In less than 2 weeks
of new business contacts
established in only weeks
Coaches onboarded
without the workload