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ComX identified us using their own product. We were very impressed by their reach out. We wanted to same for us, our product and target group. The ComX guys just have so much experience in sales funnel building, especially for companies like us. They know the challenges, what will happen, and can take you through every step. Alone, you cannot move that fast. That was the key to get started for us. The ongoing support, the reporting and the optimisation are giving us the most value. The Customer Success Team is fast and efficient. We have been able to hire 2 new people just for sales. We realise now how important it is to set up sales predictably and structurally. ComX has nudged us into a professional sales and marketing direction for the first time. We achieved this in less than 5 months with ComX. We generate 3-4 leads per day and 2 demos. That adds up to dozens of demo meetings per month. We have decided to engage into the second year with ComX, as our closing quote will be very good. I already recommended ComX further and I always do if it's a fit. I would recommend anybody to get started, as a first period is easy to implement from a cost perspective and results are basically guaranteed. Anybody who sells services or products needs leads. ComX is the most predictable way to get them. If we had to put people on the tasks that ComX is automising, we would be way beyond the cost of ComX. It paid off for us after the first based on the pipeline value and time saved.

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quality sales meetings per month
First Sales Reps hired
after only 4 months