B2B services & tech: How to quantify your message-market fit and know when you got it

"B2B Services & Tech. How to quantify your message-market fit and know you got it"

As an entrepreneur, you have to quantify your message-market fit, where in business, sales and lead generation marketing, you want a 15% to 30% interaction rate with the message which you proactively put out there into the market. Being proactive entails using LinkedIn, cold outreach via telephone, fairs, webinars or running traffic to your landing page.

What does the interaction rate mean? It's not the conversion rate. The interaction rate looks at those people who interact with your content, communicate with you, or perform an action, such as clicking on a particular button or signing up with the brand. Interaction rates also entail looking at the 'nos' which you collect in your outbound communication strategies, such as LinkedIn spearing or chatting to people at fairs. Getting a negative response is better than no reaction at all, as it shows that the message is not relevant right now and offers an opportunity to open the conversation and understand why this is the case. Be satisfied with every 'no' you receive, as it should help drive you in the right direction.

If you are receiving too many 'nos', it doesn't mean your channel is wrong. It means your communication is off. It's way worse not to get any resonance at all. In the case of a 'no', the resonance is there and it's about working with it and tweaking communication. Getting too many 'nos' can actually be a good thing, as it shows the communication channel which you are using gets the attention of your audience.

You simply need to go back and ask:

  • what's driving the value in my proposition?
  • what's the message that's perceived as interesting to my audience?

Then, test these assumptions and make the adjustments you need to get your message working in the market.