Covid-19 sales funnel adjustments - the 5 questions you need to ask now to navigate this crisis

"Covid-19 Sales Funnel Adjustments - The 5 questions you need to ask NOW to navigate this crisis"

Despite coronavirus, ComX has been able to book loads of demos. How did we do this and how have we continued to get the attention of our target audience? We shared the tools we used to ensure this result with our customers and they are experiencing similar success, with fully booked calendars with potential clients. ComX, as well as our customers, are closing plenty of deals, even during the pandemic.

So, what are the 5 questions which we asked which have helped us navigate through this crisis?

  1. Are you still able to get the attention of your target groups? Do you have something that can actually help people and add value? Look at what your customer needs right now and how this might have changed. This all needs to be captured by message-market fit.
  2. Are you still capable of booking meetings? If not, what can you do to rectify this?
  3. Are you capable of building an offer and placing an offer which is relevant? If not, you need to think about what your customers actually need.
  4. Are you able to achieve this through an online sales funnel? If not, why are you unable to close deals online? You need to ask what you can do to structure your offers so that people are able to commit.
  5. Are you capable of delivering the mechanism that drives value online? Consider how to deliver your value driver online, such as where workshops used to take place in person, for instance.