Why the founder should never delegate the selling of a new offer to the team

"Why the founder should NEVER delegate sales of a new offer to the team"

We always tend to talk about our successes, but I want to talk about my latest fuck up!

The learning I had last week is that if you have used your learnings to arrive at principles, do not start deviating from those principles, even if people might be offended or disappointed.

So, I had two gents ramping up in the sales team. They were doing well and we had made some offer adjustments to make it easier for potential clients to sign up with us. This involved changes in our script and how we presented the solution. I got lazy. I presented that idea to my guys and I delegated it away, in terms of the slide presentation and copywriting. This did not go well. We had two weeks of utter confusion.

I always preach founder does it first and I didn't do this. So, I rectified this, doing the slides, building the process, and onboarding myself as a customer, and afterwards, it just worked.