How do I know/test which tagline to use (eg. on the website) as fast as possible?

How to choose the right tagline that makes my B2B prospects interested

A tagline must include the true description that people associate themselves with.

Here are 2 approaches to find that:

- Pattern recognition:

Talk to your target group and ask them, “How’d you describe your business generically?” or “How’d you describe your situation?”

Do 20 Interviews and choose the stuff that comes up the most.

- Include the specifics:

You can give ranges. For example, state that you work with “companies that have between 5-10 million ARR.”

Or you can talk about particular issues like “companies that work with ABC” or “companies that struggle with XYZ.”

You can then test it via email, via LinkedIn, or within your demos. It’s this mixture of sales and marketing practices. Once you see that something resonates, just go with it and adjust over time.

As long as it's accurate enough and has been tested enough in in-person meetings, any tagline/headline can work.

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