To create break throughs - get the hell out of coworking spaces

"How to create break throughs - get the hell out of coworking spaces!!"

I don't believe in coworking. I think it's a bad idea and that it doesn't work.

I've been using coworking spaces for all of my teams for the past 5 or 6 years. I've always enjoyed it. It's got great benefits and it's a proven business model.

However, most of my breakthroughs have been created in solitude. Certainly, connection is important, input is needed and tastes differ. But, this is the research phase and not where breakthroughs happen. It's the difference between input for the research phase and output, which is the breakthrough, where something is put into the world. I normally call this the execution phase.

For me, these breakthroughs are when I'm sitting at my desk alone, after a workout and meditation. I don't see anyone for the whole day, barely open my email and my phone is in another room. I get good food, don't talk to anyone and I just create.

For high output people, coworking is a terrible idea. Go there to mingle, but be aware that this is not your output time.