How to decide on your next piece of content

"How to decide on your next piece of content"

Since coronavirus impacted the world, we have been involved in the production of much content, such as LinkedIn videos. The question arises regarding what content to do when.

In addition, it is often asked:

How do we decide how to get into our customers' heads?

What should be done about marketing?

What is the next feature we should build?

What is the market we should enter?

What new business should we start?

The most important thing in the case of such questions is to find a problem and try to solve it and provide value through that solution. If you are done in terms of providing value through a solution, do it again and test whether it resonates and helps. Do this 20 times. 50 times. By doing so, all of a sudden, you become very busy.

So, let's look at the question: what can we do to get into our clients' heads?

Find a problem or a question which they have been asking themselves, and then answer that for them and provide value doing so. See if this resonates with them and then repeat this process.

Whenever you are in a situation where you feel stuck, just take a step back and ask what you can do to help your clients or potential customers. Test whether this resonates and take it from there.