IT b2b & service Providers - here is why your leads don't close and how to fix it

"IT B2B & Service Providers - Here is why your leads don't close and how to fix it"

We get this question often. Why is it that after a good sales meeting, where it seems that the lead resonates with what we are saying, we are still not closing? I would challenge that and ask why you feel your meeting went well in the first place, if you don't close afterwards. If there is no commitment during the meeting, the meeting didn't actually go well.

Indicators to gauge whether a meeting went well:

  1. Get confirmation that the participants are in agreement with you. There are a series of questions which you need to be asking, such as whether the contact understands you and what you are saying. Do not move ahead unless the answer is 'yes'. You need to be asking whether they feel what you have to sell can add value and whether it is something which is down their alley.
  2. In every meeting, you need to place an offer and ask for a commitment in that meeting, or within 7 days. Do not leave the meeting without the next step in place with the person who owns or is responsible for the budget, where this is ideally on your terms. If they are not capable of committing within 7 days, they are not really serious about your product.