Why I call BS on low-quality B2B leads

In B2B sales, there is nothing like “low-quality leads” – it’s an absolute hoax.

It’s always one of 3 situations:

1. The prospect has not bought into your thesis

In this case, you have to make your thesis stronger and provide value.

2. Prospects are interested, but your timing isn’t right

You have to (1) qualify better to know this AND (2) work to make your offer more specific, valuable, and urgent.

3. You are targeting the wrong segment altogether.

Here, it’s your job (as the CEO) to brief your sales and marketing teams clearly on who you are trying to target.

One mistake I often see CEOs making is that they delegate their marketing and sales processes too early. You need to rigorously test and understand the process yourself before you get other people to help you. If you can’t close yourself, don’t expect somebody else to solve that problem for you.