Questions to ask yourself in times of crisis

Complex B2B sales in times of crisis is an empathy exercise.

If you are struggling with pipeline building, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself right now.

1. Do you get the attention of your target audience?

What is the ONE problem you can solve, that is RELEVANT enough for people to give you their attention?

2. Are people willing to spend time with you, are you able to book meetings?

If you get their attention - Great. But are people willing to sit down with you and actually give you their TIME?

3. Time is great, but will people pay for you to solve their problem right now?

If the answer is NO - that means your offer or solution is not relevant enough at the moment.

What should you do? Spend time with your target audience to find out what would help - get back to the drawing board and review value drivers, offer, and communication.

It all comes down to how well you understand your audience's problems.

If you are not willing to go that path, you might as well stop sales altogether.