Why I call BS on long ramping times for your new sales employees

"Why I call BS on long ramping times for your new sales employees"

One year ago, we decided to move to Berlin to grow our German-speaking team. We had reservations.

At the beginning of April, when coronavirus was taking off, we hired two ambitious sales guys. They were worried about joining us, as it was the middle of a crisis, which is a difficult time to start a sales job.

As at 2 July, those two very bright gents, with no sales experience in B2B whatsoever, have closed 200 000 euros in cash collected in their first quarter. I've rarely seen this in my career, but it is possible if you have the right ramping process in place, if your product is good, and you're actually helping people.

This is something we should celebrate. So, congratulations to Levin and Dennis! The ramping period, or the training period, is always hard, as you take in all the learnings. But, these guys have just been hitting the ball out of the park.

I'm so glad that I can confirm with evidence that it's rubbish to ramp salespeople up over 6 months plus. If you want to learn how to ramp up your salespeople, let me know.