Stop sending out B2B proposals

Stop sending out B2B proposals

If your PROSPECT says: 

“Send me a proposal and we keep chatting next week” - You just lost a DEAL.

If somebody isn’t able to allocate resources for your solution, you need to ask yourself:

- Did I qualify for the right problem?

- Did I have buy-in that my approach to solving the problem is the right one?

- Did I present an offer with a price tag on it and the required next step?

- Did I receive a timeline on the signature (such as “If those conditions are held true, then we will sign next week")?

Unless you’ve ticked these points, creating and sending a proposal is useless.

In fact, we don’t send proposals at all at @ComX.

If there is a fit, our prospects receive all the information transparently in our first meeting.

If everything is on the table, there’s no need for the intermediary step of sending out proposals.

If people don't want to go sign up with you it’s normally for a reason and you haven't done your job. You have to figure out a couple of other things first.

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