Why B2B leads are not your problem

Your problem isn’t that you don’t get enough B2B leads

Here’s why:

- Your offer isn’t relevant, and hence, you are having dozens of conversations that don’t close.

- You are qualifying prospects poorly and don't know why some talks go great and others don't

- You are penetrating your existing database with newsletters but rarely receive any clicks or sign-ups.

- You are pushing Google ads for search to get people on your website, but then nothing happens.

None of these is a LEAD PROBLEM.

Here are 4 things you must look at:

- Message Market Fit: You need to produce content people engage and resonate with.

- Booking meetings: If they aren’t willing to spend time with you, you need to fix your messaging or the overall value you can provide.

- Closing cycles of existing opportunities: You must find out if you’re capable of closing prospects, how long it takes, and what your margin is.

- Scaling up: You must automate to get your message in front of the right B2B people at the right time.

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