Why do companies fail to create website traffic via SEO?

Why do companies fail to create website traffic via SEO?

What is the right time to start optimizing for SEO on your website?

You picked the wrong question.

The question should be: How can we find confirmation on the message-market fit the fastest way and use those learnings to optimize our content?

Here’s why:

In order to optimize their website (headlines, terminology, blog posts, videos, etc.) for those terms that potential prospects will search for, many B2B companies will resort to workshops, inviting agencies to make assumptions on what these topics will be.

Here is an alternative:

- Use the mom test to arrive at an open-ended question catalog;

- Get 10-20 15 min calls with potential prospects finding out about their current situation and problems;

- Confirm or reject your assumptions with real market data;

- Start using those insights to always be right, when it comes to content choice.

Do not start fiddling around with your website traffic without having your relevant topics confirmed first.

If you nail these topics, you won't even need website traffic to close your first deals.

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