How to win your first 5 b2b customers, get paid and launch a profitable B2B business fast

"How to win your first 5 B2B customers, get paid and launch a profitable B2B business FAST"

What do you do when you find a problem worth solving for a particular person? Ideally, you have 5 to 10 people with such a problem, who are willing to talk to you about your offer or solution.

Now, you map out your offer. You can simply use a spreadsheet or Keynote that maps out what you're going to do, how you're going to do it and how people will benefit from it. Test this, with a price tag on it, with those people who indicated that they were interested. In this way, you can come to understand the main objections as to why people would not be willing to buy from you. You actually need to try and sell your product, rather than just collecting feedback.

Celebrate the objections you receive as an opportunity to improve. Understand whether the objections are similar, as this is really useful in the improvement process.

With regard to pricing, price your offer at least 5 times more than what you are comfortable with, as you can always bring your price down. Anchoring your price is really important for finding the true potential of your offer. People will tell you when it's too expensive.

Once you have your offer and price, you need to start closing your first 5 customers and then work on your success mechanism going forward. Do not involve tech too much, but work on the services yourself, getting the help where you need it, such as from freelancers. Be sure to collect case studies as you go along as proof of your success.